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Sexual Performance
Today’s freedom in choosing sexual or relationship partners increases the pressure on men to enhance their sexual performance. This desire may stem from fear of failure, a desire for personal validation, or their own desire for increased pleasure. Especially for young men, sexual performance enhancement has increasingly become an issue in recent years.
Veyneyra is power for you

Increase your performance

Increased sexual performance strengthens self-confidence, improves the relationship between husband and wife, and improves the quality of life. Satisfying the partner’s sexual needs has a direct impact on a positive self-image and intensified emotional bonding. It is therefore worth investing in your own sexual health and performance.
better sexual performance
more fun during sex
increased self-confidence
more quality of life
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Extended Power


Veyneyra is a natural remedy for increasing testosterone levels, which can have a positive effect on potency. The unique Veyneyra active complex contains a mixture of special herbs that have various positive effects on the body and erectile function.
Super Power

Veyneyra Plus

The immune system plays an important role in the body’s ability to endure and regenerate. Veyneyra Plus contains in addition to the proven Veyneyra active ingredient complex still zinc, which can improve the function of the immune system. Thus, in addition to sexual performance enhancement, the general physical performance is also increased.
Strong & long lasting
Erection is a complex biological process related to the blood flow to the erectile tissue and simultaneous relaxation of certain muscles. Also required is the release of important neurotransmitters in a specific sequence, which is controlled by different areas in the brain.

Veyneyra stimulates and promotes all these processes.

Safe & tested quality
Ingredients and facts

Veyneyra is powerful, safe and natural

Veyneyra consists exclusively of natural ingredients and is 100% vegan. All active ingredients were carefully selected on the basis of scientific analysis and further developed in the USA to the unique Veyneyra active ingredient complex. The ingredients are safe for health and have not been genetically modified. Veyneyra is produced in Germany and is approved for the highly regulated European market.
Dosage of Veyneyra
Veyneyra was developed as a slow-release complex. The effect sets in quickly, but wears off slowly over the course of a week. The recommended dose is therefore a maximum of one capsule per week.
In Veyneyra we combine powerful extracts in a revolutionary blend for your endurance & performance.

Rhodiola Rosea

75 mg

Muira Puama

45 mg


45 mg

Siberian Ginseng

35 mg

Leuzea Carthamoides

35 mg

Schisandra Chinesis

35 mg


35 mg


35 mg

Grape Seed

25 mg

Cynomorium Songarium

25 mg

Cayenne Pepper

15 mg

Saw Palmetto

10 mg


10 mg

*containing in Veyneyra Plus
Advantages & effect*

Veyneyra supports you in your sexual performance

better performance
extremely strong erection
Enlargement of the penis
Prolongation of erection time
multiple erections
Delay of orgasm
More intense feeling
no undesirable side effects
*Veyneyra has been extensively tested in diverse and comprehensive trials. These effects have been documented in various subjects. Veyneyra has different effects from person to person.
Customer testimonials

Experience Veyneyra yourself

I have always believed in myself and have had a lot of sex. I like beautiful women and especially those that not everyone can have. It has always been important to me to deliver to the girls and I have always performed well.

Since I know Veyneyra, the whole thing has increased but again extremely. I get such an extreme desire for sex that I can get into it much more. In addition, the penis is bigger and I can last forever. Every woman asks me how I manage that and that she has never experienced something like that. Really crass the stuff!

—Tom, 28

In the past, I was always a little afraid when I ended up in bed with a woman. I have my fear of course not let me notice, but at the latest during sex I could no longer hide it. Either I got no high at all, or came incredibly fast to orgasm. This was of course both very embarrassing and the next time the fear was even greater.

Since I’ve been using Veyneyra, my penis stands like a 1. It also gets much bigger and I can last a long time. Not only I notice this myself, but also the feedback I get from the women is very pleasant and they come again.

Thanks to Veyneyra I have lost my fear and I go through life more confident and relaxed.

—Gregorius, 31

Through the power and the pleasure I get and this extreme boner when I take Veyneyra, I can completely let myself fall into the moment and show this to my wife. Since then, our relationship has become much better, we have sex regularly and discover each other completely new.

I take Veyneyra once a week and we are doing very well.

—Sebastián, 38

I have tried Veyneyra and am thrilled with the effect! For several years, unfortunately, I suffer from erectile dysfunction. As soon as I feel a little uncomfortable, nothing works.

But with Veyneyra it works much better. I can recommend Veyneyra to anyone who is looking for a natural solution to potency problems.

—Bernd, 53

As a sports student and active lover, I have tried a lot of things to improve my sexual performance. Veyneyra is the first natural sexual enhancer I found that really works.
Within an hour of taking it, I felt a significant improvement in my erections and stamina.

What I like most is that it is made of natural ingredients and has no unpleasant side effects. I can recommend Veyneyra to anyone who wants to improve their sexual performance.

—Hannes, 24

I have tried Veyneyra and I am thrilled with the effect! The natural sexual enhancer has improved my sexual performance and also increased my stamina. I have not experienced any unwanted side effects and feel more vital and energetic overall. I can recommend Veyneyra to anyone looking for a natural solution to potency problems.

—Sebastian, 23

Frequently asked questions
—easy answered

How does it feel when I take Veyneyra?
After about 10 to 30 minutes of taking it, you will feel a slight energy in your head and you will notice how your body becomes more energetic. At the same time you feel relaxed and comfortable. The state is best described as a mixture of energetic and relaxed.

After a short time, this will have a direct effect on your desire and your penis. When you focus your thoughts on sex or with light stimulation through your pants, for example, you can already get an erection. It also increases the desire in your mind, so that you automatically lose yourself more in sexual thoughts – if you want to.

Will I get an unwanted erection?
Your thoughts and feelings are also decisive for the erection. So if you do not allow your well-being or your thoughts to inspire your erection, you can basically control your erection.

Shortly after taking it, however, you may experience a very strong effect that makes you think more about sex with pleasure.

We therefore recommend that you take it on appropriate occasions rather than at work or in university classes. After the initial effect has passed, Veyneyra continues to work for days. During this after-effect period, there is no longer such an extreme focus in the mind on sex.

Does Veyneyra also work for erectile dysfunction?
Veyneyra can be used without hesitation for performance enhancement in healthy men as well as in people with erectile dysfunction. However, in case of long-lasting, extreme erectile dysfunction, we recommend consulting a doctor to be on the safe side.
Does Veyneyra also work for women?
Arousal in women and men is basically based on similar mechanisms. However, the mental and emotional components play an even greater role in women than in men.

Positive effects on arousal in women were also found in tests. However, most of them were somewhat weaker than the effects observed in men. Since Veyneyra can be taken without hesitation and has no side effects, we recommend you: Just try it with your partner and tell us afterwards how it was.